This job posting closed on June 4th 2021.

The Bulkley Valley Museum is seeking a Custodian for the Old Church in Smithers (3704 1st Avenue). Duties include, but are not limited to: cleaning and inspection of the Old Church between rentals, occasional deep cleaning as needed, and seasonal snow removal of entry ways. Candidates must be able to accommodate the flexible rental schedule of the Old Church. Prior experience, attention to detail, and ability to undertake the physical demands of the job required.

Job Type: Continuing contract
Hours: Flexible, dependent on rental of the Hall
Compensation: monthly retainer of $125 plus $22 per cleaning performed (post-rental). Additional compensation for added duties (e.g. minor maintenance work) can be negotiated with BV Museum.

Primary cleaning duties include:

Performed after each rental of the hall:

  • Floors: main hall area and stage (sweep/steam mop wood floors), and washroom, and kitchen floors (sweep/mop)
  • Kitchen: clean/sanitize counters, fridge, dishes, etc. to maintain food safe standard kitchen
  • Cleaning/sanitizing washrooms
  • Garbage removal from containers in main hall and garden to pickup location outside
  • Inspect the hall after events and communicate any damages or issues to Bulkley Valley Museum staff

Performed as needed:

  • Restocking supplies (e.g. paper towel, toilet paper, hand soap, ice melt etc.) from appropriate retailers
  • Snow removal using shovel from front ramp and back steps (seasonal)
  • Dusting/cleaning of appliances, piano, cupboard tops, etc. as required (minimum once per month)

Schedule is dependent on rental of the facility, and may require cleanings during the day, evenings, or weekends. The facility may be rented more than once per day, requiring cleanings between rentals. For further detail, contact the BV Museum to discuss.

To apply:
Submit resume to the Bulkley Valley Museum via email to, or in person to the Museum (1425 Main St. Smithers) by 5pm on Friday June 4th. Please include 2-3 references that can speak to prior related experience.

The Bulkley Valley Museum is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates meeting the qualifications are encouraged to apply. We thank all applicants for their interest, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.