The annual general meeting of the Bulkley Valley Historical & Museum Society will be held on September 21st at 4:30pm at the Old Church in Smithers.

All materials for the meeting will be made available in advance via email. Printed copies will be available upon request from the museum office.

Due to physical distancing requirements we are able to welcome a maximum of 10 members at the Old Church (this is in addition to board members and staff who must attend). We ask that members able to attend please RSVP by phone or email before 5pm on September 17th so that we know that we have quorum, but aren’t over capacity. If there is sufficient interest we will find a way to allow remote participation, either via phone dial in, or over the web.

AGM attendance is vital to our organization, with some grants requiring a certain level of attendance for the board’s appointment. Please consider attending if you are available!


COVID protocols:

  • Doors will not open until 4:25pm. We ask that attendees please leave the Old Church immediately after the meeting adjourns. While we normally appreciate the social aspect of the AGM and visiting with our members, we must ask that you do not linger this year
  • We will not be serving refreshments this year
  • Masks are strongly encouraged
  • If you wish to participate in the meeting but feel unsafe attending in person please contact museum staff about how we can accommodate you. We are exploring options to enable people to listen in to the meeting over the phone, and you could provide comments and/or your vote on the proposed board, the financial statments, and 2021 budget through a written submission in advance.