Virtual Exhibits

Historic Buildings and Places of Smithers (virtual Google Tour)

A Google Tour featuring fifteen historic buildings or places to be found in Smithers. Click here to visit the Google Tour. Know of a building or place we should add? Contact the Museum at


INFLUENZA: The Spanish Flu in Smithers, 1918 (virtual exhibit)

Just over a century ago, a deadly virus swept across a world already devastated by the First World War. This virus, known as the “Spanish” Flu, eventually spread to every corner of the earth, infecting over 500 million people.

INFLUENZA: The Spanish Flu in Smithers is a new virtual exhibit based on an exhibit with the same name that was displayed at the Bulkley Valley Museum from April 2018 to August 2019. The exhibit traces the path of the virus to Smithers, and examines the impact of the virus upon settler and Indigenous communities, including the resulting push for a permanent doctor and hospital. We aim to showcase both the tragic suffering brought about by the disease, as well as the resilience and humanity demonstrated by the community in the face of this crisis.

In the Museum’s galleries

Yin tah of the Witsuwit’en

The Bulkley Valley Museum is located on the traditional territory (yin tah) of the Witsuwit’en people. This permanent exhibit area features artifacts, images and information about the history and culture of the Witsuwit’en, past and present. In 2017 this exhibit was expanded to feature items and documents loaned from the family collection ‘Ilhdesinon Birdy Markert.


Broken Arrow: The Story of the Crashed B-36 Bomber

On the cold, dark night of February 13th 1950, an American B-36 bomber carrying a deadly weapon mysteriously disappears from the skies off the coast of British Columbia. Several years later, its wreckage is found on a remote mountain hillside in northwestern BC. Our exhibit on America’s first “Broken Arrow” incident delves into the unanswered questions of what happened on that ill-fated flight, and features original pieces of the B-36 plane salvaged from the crash site at Mount Kologet.


Joseph Coyle: Egg Carton Inventor

Did you know that the humble egg carton has its origins in the Bulkley Valley? The Bulkley Valley Museum welcomes you to learn about one of Smithers’ most famous residents and his “gift to civilization”: Joseph Coyle, inventor of the modern egg carton.

Self-Guided Walking Tour

Culture Crawl

Visit historic buildings and offsite exhibits with the BV Museum’s Culture Crawl: your guide to the streets of Smithers! Pick up a brochure in the Museum or download one here.